Survival Beginnings
Begginings community

Survival: Beginnings Game Description

V1.071 Survive and thrive in this open-world adventure. Gather resources, excavate caves, craft tools, and fashion weapons. Form powerful tribes, construct magnificent castles, and explore vast lands—perhaps even conquer them! This game is not copied. It was made entirely from scratch. Davidii has given his full approval of this game. Join the Community for updates! Report any exploiters immediately to me! Allowed: Killing, Burning, Raiding, Stealing, Destroying NOT Allowed: Exploiting, Drag-burning, Seating Suggestions V2: Admins: Davidii, 9196, PingyTalk, Liavkr104, Benny75890, FierceDeityLink13 Scripted by Shagabash. Built by FlaminBlade. Inspired by Davidii.

Beginnings Community Group Description

The community centered around Survival: Beginnings. Game updates will be posted here and here only. Apology:

Feel free to discuss game mechanics on the group wall. Suggestions V2:

How to rank up: - Post good suggestions on the suggestions thread - Report exploiters to the Creator - Report glitches to the Creator - Create guides, YouTube videos, wikis, etc. How to become an admin: - Be mature - Don't ask to be one - Patiently wait until we have an application V1.071 * Redid Waterfall * Enlarged Frigate * Frigate Hull now Flammable * New Standing Water Texture * Unanchored Bronze, Steel and Well * Unlocked Vial V1.07 * Modifed Stone Wall and Stone Tower * Modifed Siege Tower * Modifed Palisade Wall, Door, and Tower * Stew now recovers Vitality * Unanchored Steel, Mithril, and Bronze * Fixed Mithril Deposits * Fixed Coconut and Banana Tree farming

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